We’re Back!

It’s been a very quiet since our last batch of interns returned to the bar to complete their degrees but we’re back up and running and have exciting plans for 2017. Watch this space!

New Measure – Reduce – Balance software launch

Neutral Territory’s mission is to make things easier for commercial property landlords to offer low carbon office space and develop a community of landlords that communicate about carbon. In order to fulfil this aim for more landlords and in turn more business tenants, we’ve decided to invest in the development of brand new and bespoke Neutral Territory software. […]

Claydon Court energy for April

  This month’s energy usage figures are in for Claydon Court. The bad news is our emissions are rising overall and per person alongside the outdoor temperature at the moment. April was a typically capricious month temperature-wise albeit with an overall increase from last month. As a consequence, we have had to see-saw between heating and cooling of […]

Update on 2011 SABRE Renewables Report

During 2011-12 Suffolk county council ran a project called SABRE (Suport and Advice to Businesses around Renewale Energy). Claydon Court was subject to a free feasibility review offered by this scheme but none of the proposed options were fit enough to be invested in at the time. Four years have since passed, so we thought we’d update the […]

90% emissions savings from green IT?

Most businesses, large or small expend a lot of capital on IT services and their associated energy cost. Local servers are expensive to buy, run and maintain and often remain idle for much of their lives with resultant inefficiency and unnecessary cost to the planet and bottom line. Solution – ever heard of cloud computing? In a […]